Open Source Tools for PV Modeling

Solar power researchers and engineers are developing a growing number of open source software tools for energy modeling. This website aims to catalog these tools.

Please see the companion paper in the Proceedings of the WCPEC-7 (2018).

Also see the companion presentation at the 10th PVPMC Workshop and 2018 Systems Symposium, plus additional talks on open source PV software from DOE, NREL, and Sandia.

We welcome your contributions to this archive! To contribute or update information on a tool, please submit a pull request to the openpvtools GitHub repository.

Table of Open Source PV Tools. A * denotes that the project is under active development.
Name Purpose Years developed Documentation Website Development Website Primary Language License
PVLib Matlab General purpose PV modeling 2012? - * Matlab BSD 3
PVLib Python General purpose PV modeling 2013 - * Python BSD 3
System Advisor Model Desktop app for PV, wind, CSP modeling, financial 2004 - * C++ Mixed MIT/GPL 3
ssc Compute modules for SAM 2004 - * C, C++ Mixed MIT/GPL 3
rdtools PV degradation 2017 - * Python MIT
PVFree API for obtaining PV modeling parameters 2015 - * Python BSD 2
SolarUtils Python wrappers of C solar position and spectral decomposition 2016 Python BSD 3
Pecos Performance monitoring 2016 - * Python BSD 3
Solpy General purpose PV modeling 2011-2015 Python LGPL 2.1
PVMismatch IV curve calculator for mismatched cells 2012 - * Python BSD 3
photovoltaic General purpose PV modeling 2017 - * Python GPL 3
feedinlib PV timeseries modeling 2015 - * Python GPL 3
CASSYS PV system modeling 2015 - * Excel, C# BSD 3
Bifacial PV View Factor model Bifacial modeling 2017 - * Python Unknown
solaR General purpose PV modeling 2010 - * R GPL 3
pvfactors Diffuse shading and bifacial irradiance modeling 2016 - * Python BSD 3

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